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Links to other online isoelectric point estimation tools

This www page was created to help to estimate isoelectric point and is only one from many pages about this subject. Below are links to other useful resources:

 PROTEIN CALCULATOR v3.3 9  great tool, you can determine many other protein parameters e.g. absorbance,
 EMBL WWW Gateway to Isoelectric Point Service
 Isoelectric Point Calculator
 Compute pI/Mw tool

At the end there is only to answer the question why this page was made.

There are few reasons:
- in practise any of above tools do not give such a freedom in choice of pK values (here you can choose from 7 models)

- the theoretical basics of isoelectric point calculation were sufficiently explained and based on this knowledge it was presented how to write a simple computer program in C++ programming language (in this respect this www is unique as the other web sources are restricted only to theory and do not show how to implement it. In other cases there are presented ready online programs in form of black box. Many a times the user do not know used pK values or the structure of algorithm, even in broad outline).

- in next section was presented how to optimise speed of the program

- additionally, only here you can download ready QT4 program with GUI for free (there are still people who do not have unlimited access to internet)

My other projects:

MetaDisorder - Prediction of Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins (protein disorder) from amino acid sequence only.
Shannon entropy calculator - Real example how to calculate and interpret information entropy
gp2fasta - bioinformatic tool for converting GenBank files to fasta with 'nice' description


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